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I tried to use cakephp default ajax pagination, it seems not working with me. I tried with different way.

The following code using for pagination.

<div class="paginator">
        <?php echo $paginator->first(' First ', null, null, array('class' => 'disabled')); ?>
        <?php echo $paginator->prev('Previous ', null, null, array('class' => 'disabled')); ?>
        <?php echo $paginator->numbers(); ?>
       <?php echo $paginator->next(' Next ', null, null, array('class' => 'disabled')); ?>
        <?php echo $paginator->last(' Last ', null, null, array('class' => 'disabled')); ?>

Now below that code I used the following java script code

        $(".paginator a").click(function(){
            return false;

Here, I just fire an event on click under paginator div, once you click on a link under that div, it fetch the url (this.herf) and calling page using ajax, You must prepared the controller for ajax based.

for example your controller calling ‘ajax_pages’ action.

function ajax_pages(){
        $this->layout = 'ajax';
        $this->paginate = array(
                                'order' => array('Module.created_date' => 'desc'), 
                                'recursive' => -1,
                                "limit" => PAGINATION_LIMIT
        $conditions['Module.module_type'] = $module_type;
        $data = $this->paginate("Module", $conditions);

Its work for me 🙂