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For searching we many need to pass variable like ?keyword=test, and we may need to add pagination withen the search, Here I describe multiple cases where we may need to use pagination and how we manage the url for pagination when we make some searching

Case 1: if the url like the following

In this case we need to add the paginator option like this
First we retrive the passing variable and assign value, we can get it from “$this->params[‘url’]

$urls = $this->params['url']; $getv = "";
foreach($urls as $key=>$value)
if($key == 'url') continue; // we need to ignor the url field
$getv .= urlencode($key)."=".urlencode($value)."&"; // making the passing parameters
$getv = substr_replace($getv ,"",-1); // remove the last char '&'

Now we have the all get parameter, lest assign this to paginator option

$paginator->options(array('url' => array("?"=>$getv)));

Now all the pagination links always taking this get parameter so now if we gos to the next page the url look like this

Now If we need passing an argument as id like the following
where 1 is an id or something we get this 1 from $this->passedArgs[0] So now we have to set the paginator option like this

$paginator->options(array('url' => array($this->passedArgs[0],"?"=>$getv)));

If we have passed more than one argument, we need to take it

$pass_argument = $this->passedArgs[0]."/"$this->passedArgs[1]."/".$this->passedArgs[2]."/";
$paginator->options(array('url' => array($pass_argument,"?"=>$getv)));

It depend on you how much you want to passed the argument, if you faced any problem print the $this->passedArgs and see how it organize the argument. Its really easy and I’ve already used it. Cheers

–new update
I got the idea from comments, here is update, the following code will useful for multiple arguments or params.

//extract the get variables
$url = $this->params['url'];
$get_var = http_build_query($url);

$arg1 = array(); $arg2 = array();
//take the named url
$arg1 = $this->params['named'];

//take the pass arguments
$arg2 = $this->params['pass'];

//merge named and pass
$args = array_merge($arg1,$arg2);

//add get variables
$args["?"] = $get_var;

$paginator->options(array('url' => $args));

done.. But I’m trying to make better solution, will update it soon.